In an age where financial responsibility for retirement has shifted from corporates to the individual, too many people face retirement fearful about their financial future. Eau Rouge partners with its clients to optimise their standard of living, striving to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns that provide an ever-increasing margin of safety from the ravages of inflation. We love to allow you to look forward to your retirement with peace of mind!

Put your money to work for you.


It is generally estimated that only 5% of South Africans retire financially secure. Far less are able to maintain their pre-retirement living standards through retirement.

These statistics are likely to deteriorate rapidly, in our view, due to changing trends in employment. Gone are the days when 20+ years of service with a company assured you of a secure retirement. Employment has become more short-term and self employment has risen dramatically. This, and the demise of defined benefit pension funds, means that the burden of funding retirement has shifted from employers to individuals, who, unfortunately, are very rarely equipped to deal with this responsibility.

Investment performance and risk are inextricably linked. A certain degree of risk is necessary for superior performance, but very few individuals succeed in properly understanding and managing this. Too little, or too much, risk taking can have disastrous impacts on investment performance, as all too many investors have realised when finding themselves in troubled financial waters. The objective of Eau Rouge’s investment style is to deliver superior risk-adjusted performance over the longer term, providing clients with safe passage through troubled waters. Nothing is more rewarding to us at Eau Rouge than knowing that we have enabled a client to improve their standard of living. We understand that your financial security is of paramount importance and we aim to provide you with reassurance at every turn.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

- Chinese Proverb